Welcome to jbgriddle.

This is my first riddle so I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed creating it. A big thanks goes out to Jonthewatch for posting my game, helping me put in an answer box and showing me how to make a riddle game. A big thank you also goes out to Donas who helped with the testing and editing of the riddle. Also, I thank all of you who play this game.

Type your answers in the answer box (no spaces or capitals).  If the answer is

"George Washington" then you will type "georgewashington"

in the answer box to move on to the next level. Also there are no clues in the source,

but you might find the names of the pictures in the level helpful at times.

Please don't give direct answers but feel free to give plenty of good hints.

This is to make sure those who don't like to be spoiled can enjoy the game too,

but once the game has been out for a little while then feel free to post a

walkthrough if one is needed. :) 

 Level 1

It would be wise to find a place to start before you die of thirst, but you don't see any paths. I don't think that cactus will let you cut it open for water either. Your only choice is to start walking, but which way? I know what you're thinking; "Maybe the cactus can give me directions?" I can't believe you would even think that you could talk to a cactus. The heat must be getting to you so you better get out of here quick. Not that knowing this is helpful, you don't even know which direction to start walking. It seems that I am now starting to ramble. I will leave you alone now to figure it out. Now you will have to take your first step some time, but be careful, that first step is a doozy. Good Luck!! :)



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